Gout Friendly Recipes

Gout Friendly Foods

  • Vegan biscuit recipe🍞

    Southern style fluffy vegan biscuits with a nice crumb

  • Delicious Falafel Recipe 🥗

    A falafel recipe using dried chickpeas

  • The crispiest tofu recipe 🥗

    Simple recipe for extra crispy tofu

  • Twice cooked seitan recipe🔥

    Twice cooked pork is one of my favorite Sichuan Chinese dishes. Its salty, spicy and fatty perfect food ...

  • Hand washed shreddable seitan ✋

    How to hand wash flour to make seitan

  • Spicy tofu and cauliflower recipe. 🌶

    Fried tofu with vegetables cooked in a spicy Sichuan inspired sauce

  • Beyond meat tacos recipe. 🥑

    Simple tacos made with pantry ingredients and beyond beef

  • Mongolian seitan recipe 🥢

    Simple Mongolian "beef" recipe using beef chunks made from seitan.

  • Spicy TVP sloppy joes recipe🌶

    Spicy sloppy joes using Textured vegetable protein.

  • Vegan stroganoff recipe 🍄

    Vegan / Gout Friendly recipe for stroganoff using Beyond Meat instead of ground beef.

  • Portobello Mushroom Burger Recipe 🍔

    A simple vegan / gout friendly plant based burger recipe.

  • Instant pot dal makhani recipe 🌶

    Simple vegan recipe for dal makhani using the Instant Pot.

  • Vegan dak galbi recipe 🍚

    Dak galbi is a Korean spicy stir fry using chicken and lots of vegetables. This version uses seitan ...

  • Vegan tofu matar recipe 🍛

    Simple recipe for Matter Tofu (peas and tofu) Recipe

  • Vegan gravy recipe 🥞

    Simple vegan gravy worthy of putting on biscuits or mashed potatoes.

  • Beyond Meat bibimbap recipe 🥢

    Vegan / gout friendly bibimbap made with beyond beef.

  • Air fryer salsa roja recipe 🌶

    A very simple roasted salsa recipe cooked in an air fryer.

  • Vegan kimchi recipe

    How to make kimchi without seafood.

  • Gout safe vegetable soup

    A comforting safe for gout / vegan soup loaded with fresh vegetables and red beans for protein.

  • Instant pot red beans 🍽

    How to cook red / kidney beans in the Instant Pot.

  • Soy Curls in salsa verde 🌶

    A very simple taco filling recipe for soy curls simmered in homemade salsa verde.

  • TVP pasta sauce recipe 🍝

    Simple and delicious red sauce recipe using gout friendly / vegan textured vegetable protein or TVP. ...

  • Gout friendly / vegan yeolmu mulkimchi 열무 물김치

    Yeolmu mul kimchi (young summer radish water kimchi) is a refreshing summertime dish in Korea. To keep ...

  • Korean spicy cucumber salad oi-muchim 🥒

    A very simple vegan recipe for a Korean side dish or banchan.

  • Sweet and sour seitan recipe 🥡

    Crispy fried seitan in a delicious sweet and sour sauce. Its so good your friends will not believe that ...

  • Roasted sheet pan okra 🥄

    Easy and healthy roasted okra recipe

  • Vegan fish sauce

    Traditional fish sauce is made with anchovies and salt. The more modern brands include ingredients like ...

  • Seitan and veggie stir-fry 🥦

    A very basic stir fry using seitan and Vegetables.

  • Shreddable chicken style seitan 🍽

    How to make shreddable chicken style seitan

  • Chickpea no tuna salad recipe

    A delicious chickpea salad sandwich recipe is a healthy alternative to tuna fish.

  • Cauliflower taco “meat” recipe 🥑

    A simple but tasty plant based taco / burrito filling recipe. Cauliflower, mushrooms and pecans give ...

  • Korean spicy tofu wings 🥢

    Who doesn't love spicy chicken wings? My favorites are the Korean ones with spicy or yangnyeom sauce. ...

  • Vegetable chow mein🥢

    Simple Chow Mein Recipe loaded with Vegetables

  • Bindaetteok, Korean mung bean pancake 🥢

    I first had Korean Mung Bean Pancakes as street food in South Korea. They are delicious, full of protein ...

  • How to make tempeh

    Tempeh is fermented whole soybeans which makes it a great source of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins. ...

  • Pan fried noodles with soy curls and broccoli 🥦

    I will admit that Pan Fried Noodles are one of my favorite dishes. It's not a healthy dish but it is ...

  • Korean side dish gosari 고사리🍚

    This is the package we bought at the Korean market. Its 227 grams and we are only using 80 grams. Keep ...

  • Instant pot rajma recipe

    My Fitness Pal has been telling me that my protein intake has been low. Rajma or red beans with flavorful ...

  • Korean fried cauliflower “wings” 🥦

    I am a big fan of KFC, Korean Fried Chicken especially the wings. But let's face it frying wings makes ...

  • Easy vegan pizza dough recipe.

    Did you know that most pizza dough is vegan? Well for the most part its flour, yeast, salt and water. ...

  • Fried jackfruit “chicken” nuggets

    I have to admit chicken nuggets have always been one of my favorite junk foods. But since I have gout ...

  • General Tso Tofu 🍙

    This simple recipe for General Tso Tofu is a plant based version of my General Tso Chicken. My family ...

  • Vegetarian korean black bean sauce noodles 🍜

    Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles / Jajangmyeon is normally made with pork or seafood. But to make this ...

  • Roasted Tomatillo Salsa / Salsa Verde

    After working in Mexico for a year and a half I definitely grew fond on the variety of salsas that could ...

  • Vegan Cauliflower “Fish” Tacos

    I wanted to create a recipe that is a gout friendly but still satisfies that roadside comfort food desire. ...

  • Vegan Crack Sauce

    Have you ever made a sauce that was so good it would make an old work boot taste good? Well a few years ...

  • Lentil Salisbury Steaks 🍲

    As someone who suffers from gout I have two choices a diet of reduced meat consumption or have painful ...

  • A Tofu Recipe that does not suck 🥢

    Todays Baked Tofu, Broccoli and Shiitake Mushroom recipe is one that most of the time consuming steps ...

  • Pulled King Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

    Before I started having gout attacks I regularly ate BBQ. Now that I have to severely limit my consumption ...

  • Simple Vegetarian MaPoTofu 🍙

    Simple and spicy vegetarian version of MaPo Tofu.

  • Squash and Mushrooms in Salsa Verde

    Lately I have been craving something cooked in salsa verde. But of course it has to be something gout ...

  • Baked Black Bean Burger

    It was only recently that I had my first black bean burger. Luckily for me it was one of the good ones ...

  • Vegan / Gout Friendly Gumbo

    One dish that I really do miss since going on the Gout Friendly Diet is gumbo. Most variations have ...

  • Dairy Free Sweet Potato Mac and “Cheese”

      This delicious mac and "cheese" recipe using sweet potato and unsweetened almond milk keep the recipe ...

  • Smothered Okra and Tomatoes 🍅

    Smothered okra and tomatoes is a dish that was around every summer when tomatoes and okra were abundant. ...

  • Vegan / Gout Friendly Sausages

    One food that is very dangerous for Gout sufferers is sausages. We have no way of knowing what cuts ...

  • Fried Green Tomatoes 🍅

      When I think of fried green tomatoes I do not think about the deep fried ones. I do like those but ...

  • Crunchy Fried Okra Recipe🍴

      I love okra raw, fried, stewed with tomatoes, in curry or in gumbo but will not eat boil okra. Lets ...