Easy bread machine pizza dough recipe 🍕

A hand lifting a slice of pizza showing the air pockets in the regular crust.

If you’re looking to impress your friends and family with a pizza that’s both cheesy and crusty, you should try out bread machine pizza dough. This dough is super easy to make, and it results in a pizza that’s both delicious and crispy.

I will also include some tips for people without a bread machine.

I must admit that pizza is my favorite food group. After all, you can top it however you like to load it up with meat; no problem if you want a vegan pizza, no problem.

Today we will make tomato and mushroom pizzas—one with cheese and one vegan version. By removing the cheese, the vegan version has 400 fewer calories but is still delicious.

But to be clear to my Italian friends in no way am I claiming that this is authentic Italian pizza dough. However, after all of this craziness has calmed down and international travel is an option a cooking class in Naples is on my list.

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Easy vegan pizza dough recipe.

Easy Vegan Pizza Dough

Did you know that most pizza dough is vegan? Well for the most part it’s flour, yeast, salt, and water. It can also include oil or sugar. Depending upon how you top your pizza it is a food that is safe for gout sufferers. Most traditional toppings for pizza are not safe for gout sufferers. Notice I did not say it is healthy but by loading this pizza with veggies we can have something that is satisfying and safe.

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