Beyond Meat bibimbap recipe 🥢

Bibimbap (vegetables, rice and beyond beef) in a bowl

Bibimbap is a great way to use up leftover banchan (Korean side dishes). Or a quick meal after making a bunch of banchan for the week. This version will use some seasoned spinach banchan (Sigeumchi-namul) in my last recipe and some that we will make for the dish. Gosari 고사리 is also really good in bibimbap.

No veggie dish is mandatory; it’s really up to you what to put. The combinations are endless. Have fun and experiment.

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TVP pasta sauce recipe 🍝

A bowl to pasta topped with sauce

Hello! Ever experienced the joy of classic red sauce? It’s the ultimate comfort food – simple, yet oh-so delicious. Remember the red sauce from our childhoods? Well, this version is a game-changer—it’s entirely meat-free, thanks to TVP. So, you get all the flavor without the beef. Let’s create some tasty, meatless memories!

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Easy vegan pizza dough recipe.

Easy Vegan Pizza Dough

Did you know that most pizza dough is vegan? Well for the most part it’s flour, yeast, salt, and water. It can also include oil or sugar. Depending upon how you top your pizza it is a food that is safe for gout sufferers. Most traditional toppings for pizza are not safe for gout sufferers. Notice I did not say it is healthy but by loading this pizza with veggies we can have something that is satisfying and safe.

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Simple Vegetarian MaPoTofu 🍙

Simple Ma Po Tofu

For a long time, Sichuan Ma Po Tofu has been one of my favorite Chinese dishes. But most of the versions to this point have contained meat (usual pork). I even have a video on YouTube on how to cook that version. To keep the dish gout friendly the pork has been eliminated. It is still flavorful so do not worry about the missing pork. From what I read the dish started out as a cheap vegetarian meal so now we go back to basics.

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Dairy Free Sweet Potato Mac and “Cheese”

This delicious mac and “cheese” recipe using sweet potato and unsweetened almond milk keep the recipe dairy free and vegan.  The sauce is very creamy and does not taste like eating a sweet potato. You will not miss the heavy cheese.

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Simple Vegan / Egg Free Mayo

Vegan Mayo

Egg free mayo is one of the simplest recipes you can make. Some people do not eat eggs and some for medical reasons can not eat raw eggs. The egg is replaced with Aquafaba is the liquid used to cook chickpeas. I used the liquid for chickpeas that I cooked but the stuff from the can also works. This recipe requires only five minutes and less than one minute to blend together.

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