Easy kong-guksu recipe🍜

Small thin noodles in soy milk soup in a bowl.

Kong-guksu or Korean thin noodles in soy milk soup is a delicious and refreshing way to cool off in the hot summertime. But making soy milk takes a long time and lots of work to make. So the dish is usually consumed outside of the home. This recipe is a hack to quickly and easily make a dish almost as good as what you would buy in the markets. This recipe can be made in about thirty minutes.

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Korean streusel bread 🍞

Finished Korean streusel bread on a baking tray

Korean streusel bread or Soboro-ppang (소보로빵) is a light, fluffy yeast bread with a crumb topping made with peanut butter. Due to the amount of sugar, it is not gout friendly. With the eggs, butter, and milk, it is not vegan. But I am sure it could easily be made vegan. My wife and girls love Soboro-ppang, so we decided to document the process, but they are not on my menu.

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Beyond Meat bibimbap recipe 🥢

Bibimbap (vegetables, rice and beyond beef) in a bowl

Bibimbap is a great way to use up leftover banchan (Korean side dishes). Or a quick meal after making a bunch of banchan for the week. This version will use some seasoned spinach banchan (Sigeumchi-namul) in my last recipe and some that we will make for the dish. Gosari 고사리 is also really good in bibimbap.

No veggie dish is mandatory; it’s really up to you what to put. The combinations are endless. Have fun and experiment.

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Korean spicy cucumber salad oi-muchim 🥒

Cucumber kimchi in a bowl

Oi-muchim or spicy Korean cucumber salad is one of the quickest and tastiest banchan (Korean side dishes) you can make. Some people even call this cucumber kimchi (I used to), but technically it is not kimchi. Since it is quickly prepared and not fermented and can be eaten fresh, it’s not kimchi.

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Korean spicy tofu wings 🥢

Fried tofu in a spicy sauce on a plate

Who doesn’t love spicy chicken wings? My favorites are the Korean ones with spicy or yangnyeom sauce. In Korean these are 두부 양념 치킨. To keep this gout friendly we will substitute extra firm tofu for wings. The sauce will have enough flavor to keep this from being a boring tofu recipe. Tofu cooked in this style is called Dubu-gangjeong (두부강정)

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In Korea going out for chimek (chicken and beer) is quite common. Everywhere you go you will see fried chicken places. Eating spicy chicken makes it easy to drink lots of beer. But since I have gout eating lots of fried chicken and drinking beer is off the menu. But I still like the flavor of KFC or Korean fried chicken. This recipe satisfies the urge for KFC and is gout friendly. 

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Vegetarian korean black bean sauce noodles 🍜

Korean black bean noodles

Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles / Jajangmyeon is normally made with pork or seafood. But to make this a gout friendly version we are going to substitute King Oyster and Portobello mushrooms. King oyster mushrooms for a pork-like texture and portobello mushrooms for flavor.

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