Creamy cajun chicken alfredo pasta recipe (easy) 🍽

Chicken and pasta with a cream sauce in a pan.

This is an easy recipe for creamy cajun chicken alfredo pasta with just the right amount of cajun spice. This pasta dish with a creamy sauce can be ready and on the table in less than thirty minutes. It is made with simple ingredients so it is appropriate for a busy weeknight meal or when you’re trying to impress someone special. I’ll show you how to make cajun pasta sauce from scratch that your whole family will love.

Easy homemade southern biscuits recipe (without buttermilk)

Growing up in the South, I was surrounded by people who could make great homemade biscuits. My Mom and my Grandmother could make great biscuits. But the best buttermilk biscuits were made by my Greatgrandmother in an old wood-fired oven. She would be working in the kitchen and talking to everyone, and at the right time, she would open her oven, give the biscuits a turn, close the oven and go back to talking. Her biscuits always turned out fluffy and golden brown, exactly what I look for in perfect biscuits. Until recently, I have always struggled to make good biscuits and had to make do with canned biscuits. You do not have to use canned biscuits today; I will share my easy homemade biscuit recipe; these are fluffy biscuits with a golden brown top. In the future, I will share my flaky biscuits recipe.

The write-up will include many tips that I have learned in developing this recipe, including substations, etc., to allow you to make the best biscuits for your taste. But if you want the recipe click the jump to recipe button.

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