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Gout Friendly Foods, Vegan

Lentil Salisbury Steaks 🍲


As someone who suffers from gout I have two choices a diet of reduced meat consumption or have painful attacks. I do not like pain so reduced meat consumption it is. My daily limit is four to six ounces of lean meat per day. That’s not per meal that’s per […]

Vegan Mayo
Vegan, Vegetarian

Simple Vegan / Egg Free Mayo


Egg free mayo is one of the simplest recipes you can make. Some people do not eat eggs and some for medical reasons can not eat raw eggs. The egg is replaced with Aquafaba is the liquid used to cook chickpeas. I used the liquid for chickpeas that I cooked […]

Bulgogi Burger

Bulgogi Burger Recipe


At our house we often add Korean flavors to American recipes, this Bulgogi burger is a prime example. The key to this great tasting Bulgogi Burger is to marinate the lean ground beef with a simple bulgogi sauce /marinade. For the bulgogi ground beef: 1 pound of lean ground beef […]